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    Workshop in Cobble Hill
    Posted October 13, 2021
Duncan-Chemainus has just recently joined the CTCA family and we wanted to have a "splash" opening to celebrate this event. What better way than to host a workshop, led by the incomparable Susan Carson and Doug Overholt!
On October 2nd and 3rd we held a one and a half day workshop in Cobble Hill, just north of Victoria, with 48 registrants signed up for all or part of the weekend. The majority of the participants were from Duncan/Chemainus, with a few of our new friends joining us from Sidney and Nanaimo.
Despite being in the midst of a pandemic, in B.C. groups of up to 50 are permitted to gather as long as all participants have been double vaccinated, wear masks and adhere to distancing and sanitizing requirements. So yes, it posed some challenges, but it definitely did not dampen our spirits.
Doug and Susan provided instruction in the foundation exercises and the first few moves of the set, emphasizing moving the body, turning, and sitting. Individual corrections were much appreciated and questions and discussions were very informative and illuminating. A lot of "ah ha" murmurs could be heard as concepts were introduced and demonstrated. The instructors had the opportunity Saturday afternoon to meet with Doug and Susan for a Q&A session about how to perform certain moves, and tips on how to teach them.
Thanks to the many, many volunteers who provided help with food and resfreshments, organized registration, set up the chairs and tables, sold T shirts, brought flowers, took pictures, and helped clean up.
And finally a big thank you to all of the participants who showed up and once again demonstrated their love for, and commitment to tai chi.

     Judith Green
       Workshop Organizer

    Strengthening the Body's Weak Spots
    Posted September 15, 2021
With the isolation of COVID limiting my interaction with others I was scrolling through my Folders, looking for some inspiration.
Found this brief article on the Danyu and thought it might be of interest to others. Old material but worth repeating.

Also, for a more complete review of the Danyu benefits (and the Toryu) check out the recent add to the CTCA website, under The Forms, "Introduction with Dr. David Carson".
There's detailed information every Instructor will find helpful to share with their classes.