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    CTCA Workshop in Mahone Bay, October 19, 2019
    Posted November 4, 2019
On October 19th our South Nova Branch of CTCA hosted a one day workshop at the Mahone Bay Centre, which was attended by a total of 44 participants. The morning began with 20 members present at an Instructor Forum which included practice in beginner level Diagonal Whip and continuing level Wave Hands. Also, some explanation was shared on the term "being grounded" and what benefits standing foundations may have on the body. There were 39 at the afternoon Tai Chi workshop including some from New Brunswick and the far reaches of Nova Scotia. It was expertly led by Michael Haley (Halifax) and Paul Clarke (Cumberland). The busy and fun-filled session included a full range of instruction from Tor Yus through Strum the Pei Pa, to experiencing the diverse benefits of doing the set speedily (lots of gleeful exclamations) and slowly, with focus on form. The evening Lok Hup session had 22 participants and was skillfully led by Maria Gillespie (Shediac) who shared a much-appreciated soft and relaxed focus on the practice.

The evaluations from participants were extremely positive and kudos go to Trisha Martin who coordinated the Instructor Forum, our instructors, Michael, Paul and Maria, the Workshop Committee, our many helpers and those who contributed to our Pot Luck supper.

    International Workshops
    Posted September 24, 2019
International Workshops were held:
  • June 7-9 in Essex
  • August 9-11 in Cambridge
  • August 16-18 in Shropshire.
The workshops were led by Doug, Susan, and James. Much was learned by all !!.....

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    Post Workshop, Workshop Post
    Posted August 19, 2019
I'm writing today on behalf of the instructors associated with the Cumberland Branch of the CTCA who attended the excellent workshop in Bridgewater this past May 2019.

We wish to offer our sincere appreciation for the time and efforts of the volunteer CTCA instructors & members of the board and all the volunteers of the South Nova Branch who made the workshop weekend a valuable lesson in sharing and collaboration.

It is pretty easy to say thanks immediately after the event when enthusiasm and inspiration is still high. I hope you don't mind that we wish to offer a deeper appreciation and thanks for the many elements of the workshop which over the past weeks have helped instructors & students in our Cumberland location.

Throughout the workshop our questions were heard and importantly I felt, considerately answered. As a result of these and other considerations, we gained much direction and insight which has enabled us to focus on and improve our own personal practice.

The enthusiasm and instruction gained from the Bridgewater event have generated renewed interest and deeper appreciations among our instructors & students regarding Mr Moys tai chi.

Experiencing and discussing our individual milestones & personal Tai Chi journeys motivates us to keep growing and to continue helping others. It's inspiring to understand that there is always more growth available on the horizon for the instructors and our students within the CTCA.

On behalf of all our instructors and students please accept our thanks again from all here in Nova Scotia.

     Bob Morouney, for the Cumberland Location

    Port Dover One Day General Workshop
    Posted August 12, 2019
On Saturday July 20, something wonderful happened in Port Dover. The Norfolk County Club hosted a Tai Chi Workshop led by Peter Lambiris and Darren Pryke. It was obvious from the start that these two leaders were enthusiastic about their Tai Chi and had a lot of respect for each other. Their delivery was seamless with one leader speaking while the other demonstrated and vice versa.

The instruction was clear, easily understood and included many examples of why we positioned and moved our bodies, legs, arms etc. certain ways in different moves. We worked on sits (making sure to be standing up before sitting) and turning, in such a way that knees were always protected (Hint-maintain the angle you're sitting (45 Degree)and place the foot(90 Degree) before transitioning into the next move).

Toryus and a number of other moves were used for practicing what we had learned. There were forty attendees from Brantford, Peterborough, Hamilton, Simcoe and of course Norfolk County (Port Dover).

The participants were enthusiastic about what they were learning and practicing , asking questions and working hard trying to put the instructions into practice.

At the end of the hottest day of the year when even the air conditioner aided by fans was failing to keep us comfortable the enthusiasm and energy was still very high.

Many thanks to Peter, Darren and the Norfolk County Team in Port Dover for their efforts in making this such a wonderful day.

     Evelyn Kidder, Brantford Club

    CTCA Perth Workshop, June 22-23, 2019
    Posted August 5, 2019
The Perth location hosted a general workshop on Saturday and an Instructor workshop on Sunday.

What a weekend! We had 32 people attend the general workshop and 21 attend the instructor workshop on Sunday. Folks travelled from Peterborough, Ste. Catherine Quebec, Smiths Falls, Carleton Place and of course Sharbot Lake and Perth.

Sherri Nettleton the Academy president and Darren Pryke, came to lead the workshop with help from other instructors attending the event as workshop assistants.

The Tai Chi concept of the day was s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g and focusing on full body involvement within the moves. We practised this in don yus, tor yus and also applied it to push hands (assisted tor yu).

There was a question and answer time when Sherri talked about the history of the Academy and how it operates. Questions were asked and answered. Sherri stressed the importance of the Academy being transparent and collaborative. It's not a top down, centrally controlled organization but volunteers on the CTCA board & workshop instructors support CTCA locations with instruction and administration advise as well as encouraging location self sufficiency.

All the weekends exercise required food and of course the potluck was delicious! Hats off to the many hands that made the weekend go by so smoothly and enjoyably. We had fresh flowers from people's gardens on the tables at lunchtime as well as decorating the hall.

On Sunday, Sherri & Darren worked with instructors on the basic 5 principles of Mr Moy's tai chi.

Discussion was invited on how we instruct and how we handle certain situations within class when instructing. Questions were asked about various moves in the Tai chi set and some were practised and discussed as a group. We went over some of the specifics but in the end the answer to all is study the videos of Mr Moy, it's all there for us to understand and model.

Sherri & Darren representing the CTCA were supportive of our efforts to share the Tai Chi with our local communities and other CTCA locations, encouraging us to keep doing tai chi from the heart as Mr Moy asked us to.

This was Perth's first time hosting a CTCA event and we look forward to the next one. Over the next months we will put into practice what we learned and will encourage each other in our continued growth.

     Submitted by John Pariselli

    Hi to Our Friends at the Canadian Tai Chi Academy
    Posted June 28, 2019
Just a short note with some pics to express my thanks for your friendship and hospitality. I learnt so much from the classes and the sharing of knowledge. It was a great experience. Hopefully we can reciprocate at some future time.
    Stefania - Australia

Stefania (center)

    Tai Chi National Workshops, May 2010
    Posted June 21, 2019
South Nova Tai Chi hosted the 2019 National Instructors Workshop May 25 -26. Approximately 60 instructors from across Canada including 10 from our local club took part in the intensive training. The second Teaching and Learning Forum preceded the week-end workshop and it was followed by a one day National General workshop, open to members at all levels of Tai Chi expertise.

On Saturday there was general instruction covering many basics. Of particular note, the donyu, where dropping of the sit bones in a relaxed (unforced) manner was emphasized, especially for females. This is in opposition to intentionally pushing the sit bones downwards.

A considerable amount of time was spent with smaller groups, working with one or two group leaders. Emphasis was on "brushed knees" and "ward off monkeys"". This was a common theme throughout the workshops, in addition to toryus.

On Sunday, in addition to the above, the workshops broke into three subsets -- beginner instruction, continuing instruction and health promotion (taught by our own Trisha Martin.)

On Monday, in addition to completing the "set" several times, instructors covered the mechanisms of the toryu in simplified form. Using the principles learned, we then went on to practice "parting wild horses' manes", emphasizing correct foot placement and self-correcting any instepping and outstepping. Repetition of "ward off monkeys" also emphasized foot positioning, proper timing of arm movements and weight shifting.

There were many positive comments from the members about the workshops and weekend in general. These included the palpable energy in the room from so many experienced instructors, the approachability and positive energy of all the instructors, and their willingness to work extensively with the less experienced participants. Their willingness to comment on each others' methods showed that we never stop learning.

Everyone came away with a positive experience from the varied approaches and comments from the different instructors. It was very informative to hear discussion about the reasons behind different stances and movements, and particularly interesting to hear about differences in physiology of males and females and how that translates into performing various moves.

Several local participants commented on how they were quite proud of the quality of Tai Chi of our local group, at the seamless organization of the event itself, as well as the high quality of the venues.

    Lansdowne, Ontario Location's First Open Tai Chi Workshop
    Posted April 10, 2019
We had an amazing turnout (just under 40) with participants from the CTCA locations of Ste-Catherine, Kanata, Smiths Falls (Church St. location), Perth and Lansdowne. We were also very happy to welcome a good-sized crew from the Brockville 50+ Activity Centre.

A large hall and friendly greeting started the day off well for those who were first-time attendees at a Tai Chi workshop or a CTCA organized event.

Despite a huge variety of Tai chi experience, from 5 months to 30 years, and many participants meeting each other for the first time, everyone interacted well to make it a successful day. All left with renewed energy and enthusiasm to continue working on and sharing their Tai Chi together in the future.

The workshop instructors who contributed did a top-notch job of leading this event. The focus on coordinating the movements, timing, angles, stretch, and intention of the Toryu was very well-received. Practical demonstrations by working in pairs clearly illustrated how proper form enhances the strength and stability of the Toryu and, ultimately, the set. Thank you, Nicole, Pierre, Chase & Darren.

Many thanks go to the team of volunteers who organized the day. Contributions from participants meant a very tasty and plentiful pot luck lunch. It was a special and memorable event and we look forward to the next Eastern Ontario workshop soon.

    Posted March 7, 2019
One of the most difficult aspects to learning Tai Chi whether you're a complete beginner or have been practicing for 40 years is keeping up your practice intelligently and diligently every single day. Self discipline, will power & patience is far easier to say than do but is a necessary requirement to keep us healthy. We have to put the work in to gain the rewards.

As Tai chi instructors we know self analysis and improvement to our own tai chi forms will improve our students. Just as important is creating a relaxing & fun environment where people can practice & learn. This will significantly improve the mental health and well being of both instructors and students and requires as much concentration, study and effort as teaching the physical exercise.

Inspiration to deal with these challenges comes from many sources. Our instructors, peers & fellow students is obvious. Workshops will certainly accelerate progress as well as studying literature and videos, all excellent resources.

And then there's Agnes from Kelowna...

VIDEO: 92-years-old and still teaching Tai Chi