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    Lansdowne, Ontario Location's First Open Tai Chi Workshop
    Posted April 10, 2019
We had an amazing turnout (just under 40) with participants from the CTCA locations of Ste-Catherine, Kanata, Smiths Falls (Church St. location), Perth and Lansdowne. We were also very happy to welcome a good-sized crew from the Brockville 50+ Activity Centre.

A large hall and friendly greeting started the day off well for those who were first-time attendees at a Tai Chi workshop or a CTCA organized event.

Despite a huge variety of Tai chi experience, from 5 months to 30 years, and many participants meeting each other for the first time, everyone interacted well to make it a successful day. All left with renewed energy and enthusiasm to continue working on and sharing their Tai Chi together in the future.

The workshop instructors who contributed did a top-notch job of leading this event. The focus on coordinating the movements, timing, angles, stretch, and intention of the Toryu was very well-received. Practical demonstrations by working in pairs clearly illustrated how proper form enhances the strength and stability of the Toryu and, ultimately, the set. Thank you, Nicole, Pierre, Chase & Darren.

Many thanks go to the team of volunteers who organized the day. Contributions from participants meant a very tasty and plentiful pot luck lunch. It was a special and memorable event and we look forward to the next Eastern Ontario workshop soon.

    Posted March 7, 2019
One of the most difficult aspects to learning Tai Chi whether you're a complete beginner or have been practicing for 40 years is keeping up your practice intelligently and diligently every single day. Self discipline, will power & patience is far easier to say than do but is a necessary requirement to keep us healthy. We have to put the work in to gain the rewards.

As Tai chi instructors we know self analysis and improvement to our own tai chi forms will improve our students. Just as important is creating a relaxing & fun environment where people can practice & learn. This will significantly improve the mental health and well being of both instructors and students and requires as much concentration, study and effort as teaching the physical exercise.

Inspiration to deal with these challenges comes from many sources. Our instructors, peers & fellow students is obvious. Workshops will certainly accelerate progress as well as studying literature and videos, all excellent resources.

And then there's Agnes from Kelowna...

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